Through this article, we will introduce to you the types of plastic pallet, bulk containers, and pallet sleeve box and their applications to help you make better decisions.
Pallet Application In Rack
* The double face plastic pallet mostly adopts a large double-sided welding structure, which is divided into two injections and then welded into one piece. This kind of pallet processing raw materials are the same as most ordinary plastic pallets, generally polyethylene (PE) material or polypropylene (PP) material, suitable for shelf use and stacking use
* 3 runners plastic pallets, the bottom design of this type of style is convenient for forklift operation, which is suitable for mechanical forklifts, manual forklifts, battery forklifts and other forklifts. Steel pipes can be built in the pallets, suitable for various shelves in the warehouse
Full Perimeter plastic pallets are mostly used by factory warehouse mechanical forklifts, and some are also suitable for the use of battery forklifts for revolving goods. Generally, Tian-shaped plastic pallets are not suitable for manual forklifts, because manual forklifts are inconvenient to enter the pallet jacks.
Pallet Application In Stacking
Double face plastic pallet is very suitable for both racking and stacking, and it can be used on both sides, which improves the efficiency of logistics turnover, but it is only suitable for mechanical forklifts. Manual forklifts cannot be used unless you use 3 runners pallet. Or 9 feet pallet, because of the product design, it is more widely used, and it is also suitable for some small package products. Can be used in any industry
*3 runners plastic pallets are the most widely applicable and practical pallets, whether it is a manual forklift, an electric forklift or a mechanical forklift, it can be used. The flat and grid models can meet the needs of storage, transportation and turnover in most industries. Choose plastic pallet of different load and price according to customer's needs and budget
* The advantage of Full Perimeter plastic pallets over 3 runners plastic pallets is that the load is more stable, and the load is stronger than that of 3 runners pallets, because the bottom ribs are more and the force is more uniform, and it is also very suitable for the stacking of goods. Full Perimeter plastic pallets are widely used in loading, handling and transporting goods, import and export trade, automobiles, food, tobacco, medicine, paper, hotels, printing, electronics, chemicals, clothing, textiles, warehousing and logistics.
Pallet Application In Transport
* 9 feet plastic pallets, in fact, all plastic pallets can be used for long-distance turnover and transportation, but considering the efficiency of logistics and the maximization of benefits, if you just want to use pallets for turnover and transportation, and do not consider stacking and loading For shelves, we recommend you to use 9 feet plastic pallet, which is cheaper than other pallets and has a service life of 3-4 times longer than wooden pallets. The price is similar to that of wooden pallets, but it is waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. best choice.
Similarly, 9feet plastic pallets support the use of manual forklifts, electric forklifts, and mechanical forklifts. The forklifts are placed on all sides, which greatly improves the efficiency of logistics turnover and reduces the time of warehouse entry and exit.

*3 runners plastic pallets are also a more economical way of transportation. Light plastic pallets are cheaper, but their durability is still much higher than that of wooden pallets, and 3 runners plastic pallets are also four-way forklifts, which can be used in conjunction with various forklifts. If you only need turnover and transportation, then light plastic pallets must be suitable for you
Bulk Container Application In Warehouse Logistics
There is no space in the warehouse to waste. When storing things, you need to be efficient. A waste of space is a waste of money. The same applies when you need to ship materials to customers. You want something that is durable and can stand the test of travel. The solution to save space and money is a collapsible container.
Collapsible bulk containers are durable containers that can be easily stacked and stored when not in use, making them ideal for warehouse use! This allows your company to use your space for the most important thing-your product. They can also withstand harsh shipping conditions and are easily returned to you.
Bulk Container Application In Food Industry
The advantage of a plastic bulk container over a wooden container is that it is waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and the service life of the plastic pallet box is about 10 times longer than that of the wooden box. It can better protect the food, not easy to spoil, and make the food have a longer life cycle, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The plastic pallet box is much lighter than the same type of wooden box and metal box. It is formed in one piece so it is transported. And better performance in transportation. The plastic pallet box can be washed with water at any time, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly. So plastic bulk container is the best choice for packaging and transportation in the food industry
Bulk Container Application In Beverage Industry
In fact, whether it is beverages or other liquids, bulk containers can be used for transportation and packaging. Because of its excellent waterproof performance and strong sealing, it can ensure that the liquid does not degenerate and does not leak. Although there are many different containers available In a warehouse environment, not all containers can be reused. The polyethylene foam used in these containers has durability that other materials do not. Materials such as wood are easily damaged and difficult to clean. Polyethylene is durable, not easy to crack, not corroded, and easy to clean. This makes it ideal for warehouse environments. When they do eventually need to be replaced, the materials can be recycled.
Bulk Container Application In Machinery Industry
Foldable bulk containers are easy to transport and move
In a warehouse environment, you need containers that are easy to move and load for transportation. Our collapsible bulk containers are made of lightweight polyethylene foam for easy handling. Their size has also been carefully designed so that they can be loaded on a forklift and transported to wherever needed. However, they are sold in various sizes to meet any of your storage and transportation needs.

Collapsible container saves storage space
Even in a place as large as a warehouse, storage space is still very valuable. If you don’t use space wisely at any time, you’re wasting square feet. These containers can be quickly disassembled simply by loosening the latches on the sides and folding them up. They can then be stored until they need to be stored or transported again.
These two advantages are the most suitable for the machinery industry, do not take up too much storage space, and are convenient for transportation and movement. The parts in the machinery industry are generally relatively large. With the bulk container, it can be better for turnover and transportation.
Sleeve Boxes Application In Auto Parts
There are many varieties and specifications of auto parts, different shapes, and different quality protection requirements. How to balance the protection, cost, number of storage and standardization of transportation packaging is a big challenge; in order to improve the rhythm of the assembly production line and reduce the inventory of parts, the main engine The factory gradually adopts the recycling method to transport parts, how to balance the cost of logistics packaging, transportation cost and the efficiency of pickup; the main engine factory gradually introduces robots to realize automated assembly, and requires efficient logistics packaging to go online directly, reducing warehouse turnover, etc. Unnecessary links, etc., have put forward higher requirements for the development planning of parts logistics and packaging in the automotive industry.

Pallet sleeve pack box solves the problems of the automotive industry very well, because it has a highly customized feature, the size of the package is determined according to the size of the parts, and the inner lining protection parts can be customized, and it is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, and meets international environmental protection requirements , Can be recycled for many times, can be recycled after scrap, increase the saving rate and regeneration rate of materials, can meet future material needs, relative density is very small, very easy to process and produce, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, heat resistance, impact resistance.

Foldable plastic sleeve pack containers save money
When running a business, you must be efficient in many things, one of which is your expenses. Collapsible containers allow you to do this. They are made of strong materials that can withstand the harshest conditions during transportation. You do not need to replace them as often as containers made of other materials.
In addition, when your containers are shipped back to you, the return shipping fee will be significantly reduced because they can be folded. These bins are easy to fold and return, which saves you money


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