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Right Statment

The ownership rights, copyrights, and other rights of any contents on this website (including but not confined to webpage 
design, pattern, flow, program, data, word, diagram, image, audio, or video) belong to BOSHENG. Without a prior written
 agreement, no one will be allowed to copy, replicate, disseminate, publish, reprint, revise or display the contents of this
 website. Meanwhile, without written agreement, no one will be allowed to make a mirror on servers other than BOSHE
NG’s. Any moves to use the contents of this website without authorization will be against the General Civil Law in PRC, the 
Copyright Law in PRC, the Anti-illegal-competition Law in PRC, and other laws, rules, legal regulations, and relevant international conventions. Any infringement on the above-mentioned rights may lead to civil, administrative, or criminal liabilities. 

Exemption Statement

BOSHENG does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, completeness, reliability, and patent infringement, or any results that may occur by using the website. 
BOSHENG cannot guarantee that you may enter, browse or use the website whenever you wish; BOSHENG will not bear any responsibility for the website errors. 
In any circumstances, BOSHENG will not bear any responsibilities for decisions or moves based on our website. Likewise, BOSHENG will not bear any responsibilities for any direct, indirect losses or penalties incurred by entering or using the website, or any other forms of losses including but not confined to business discontinuity, data loss, or profit losses. 
BOSHENG will not bear any responsibility for damages or losses done to your computer system, software, hardware, IT system, or properties when entering, browsing, downloading, and using the website. 
BOSHENG will not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect losses caused by third parties. 

Applicable laws and jurisdiction

This website and the statements should abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If any revision of the laws of the People's Republic of China results in any statement as listed above illegal, all parties are consentient on the revision of any statement by BOSHENG. Any disputes on the website and its statements should be subject to the jurisdiction of the people's court where BOSHENG is located.


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