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1200x1000 UK Standard Size Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet

Size: 1200×1000×150 mm
Material: HDPE or PP
Deck type: Open deck
Bottom type: Full perimeter (6 runners)
Static load: 6T
Dynamic load: 1.5T
Rack load: 1T
  • HDFGWS1210D




      1200x1000 UK Standard Size Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet

       Art No.





       Entry Type

       4 Way


       Single Deck,With 8 Steel Tubes


       HDPE/PP(Virgin & Common materal avaliable)


       Blue,Black,Grey and other colour requested


       Yes,Anti-slip rubber inserted

       Avaliable for racking


       Labeling options

       Logos and numberings on request, depending on volume

       Load capacity

       Dynamic Load  

       1.5 T

       Static Load      

       6 T

       In racking system

       1 T

HDFGWS1210D 1200x1000 UK Standard Size Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet

Product Description:

The 1200x1000 UK Standard Size Stackable Open Deck Plastic Pallet offers a versatile and efficient material handling solution suitable for various industries. Crafted from low-pressure high-density polyethylene, this pallet is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, making it ideal for food, medicine, storage, and transportation sectors.

Product Features:

1. Forklift Compatibility: Four-way fork design for easy handling with manual hydraulic trucks and forklifts, ensuring efficient ground and space management.

2. Superior Advantages: Moisture-resistant, nail-free, thorn-free, pest-free, and recyclable, providing enhanced safety and hygiene compared to wooden pallets.

3. Enhanced Durability: Custom-made rounded corners with reinforced steel for added rigidity and protection against corner stress.

4. Double-Decked Legs: Increased toughness to withstand forklift-related impacts, ensuring prolonged pallet life.

5. Anti-Skid Surface: Equipped with an anti-slider, preventing goods from sliding during transportation and storage.

6. T-Shaped Bar Structure: Strengthened load-bearing capacity for reliable performance under heavy loads.

7. Anti-Collision Bar Design: Four corners feature an anti-collision bar design for drop test compliance and secure tray wrapping film application.

8. User-Friendly Design: Convenient entry height and chamfered edges for easy maneuvering by hand fork lifters and forklifts, enhancing overall handling efficiency.

Why Choose Us:

With over 20 years of production experience, our company stands out as a trusted and reliable provider of top-quality plastic pallets. We prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, continuously refining our designs to meet evolving industry demands. Partner with us for durable, eco-friendly, and high-performance material handling solutions that streamline your logistics operations.



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