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Durable HDPE Injection Molded Picture Frame Plastic Pallets

Size: 1400×1100×150 mm
Material: HDPE
Static Load: 4T
Dynamic load: 1T
Racking Load: 0.4T
  • HDFGNS1411C


Welcome to Qingdao Huading Industry Co., Ltd. – Your Trusted Partner in Innovative Material Handling Solutions.

Product Overview:

Introducing our cutting-edge Durable HDPE Injection Molded Picture Frame Plastic Pallets – Engineered for Excellence, Crafted for Durability.


1400×1100×150 mm

Load Capacity

Static Load: 4T

Dynamic Load: 1T

Racking Load: 0.4T

Unit Weight




Entry Type

4 way

Usage temperature



According to customer demand


Integrated printing

Silk screen printing

Structure characteristic

Deck type

Open deck

Bottom type

Full perimeter

Production process

Injection molding

Key Features:

1. Premium HDPE Material:

   Crafted from high-quality HDPE material, our pallets ensure superior strength and resilience, standing the test of time in the most demanding environments.

2. Innovative Picture Frame Design:

   The unique picture frame structure enhances stability and load-bearing capacity, providing a secure foundation for your valuable goods during transport and storage.

3. Precision Injection Molding:

   Manufactured with precision using advanced injection molding technology, ensuring consistent quality and dimensional accuracy across every pallet.

4. Weather-Resistant:

   Built to withstand the elements, our plastic pallets resist moisture, chemicals, and temperature variations, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Durable HDPE Injection Molded Picture Frame Plastic Pallets


1. Extended Lifespan:

   Experience cost-effective longevity with pallets designed to outlast traditional alternatives, reducing replacement frequency and overall operational costs.

2. Easy Handling:

   Lightweight yet robust, our pallets simplify handling processes, facilitating efficient loading, unloading, and transportation for your workforce.

3. Customization Options:

   Tailor our plastic pallets to your unique requirements with various sizing and color options, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific logistics needs.


- Logistics and Distribution

- Warehousing

- Manufacturing

- Retail

Why Choose Qingdao Huading?

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Qingdao Huading Industry Co., Ltd. stands as a reliable partner in optimizing your material handling operations. Choose our Durable HDPE Injection Molded Picture Frame Plastic Pallets for unmatched durability and performance.

Invest in Excellence. Elevate Your Logistics. Choose Qingdao Huading.



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