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Durable Hdpe Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets

1.Material:HDPE material;
3.Entry:4 ways
4.Static load: 6T
5.Dynamic load: 1.5T
6.Rack load:1T
  • HD3RCWS1210B



F A Q:

Q: How can I know which pallet suits my use?
A: We suggest to check below details and contact our sales team to get prompt and processional solution ,
1. Pallet application

for stack-generally choose double faced pallets and full perimeter bottom type pallets;

for racks-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and double faced pallets;

for transportation-generally choose 3 runners pallets,full perimeter bottom type pallets and 9 feet pallets;

For one-way delivery-generally choose 9 feet pallets.

2.Pallet size

3.Pallet load capacity: dynamic load, static load and racking load.

Q: Can you make any color pallet?

A: Yes, we can customized for any color.


Q:What’s the MOQ?

Q: How long for delivery time?
A: Generally 15-20days against deposit.

Q: Whats' your payment terms?
A: TT, L/C, Paypal, West Union,we-chat,credit card or others according to specific situation

Q: Any other additional service you can provide?

1.Customized Logo printing;

2.Customized color;

3.Free det+dem at destination port;

4.Three years quality warranty

Q: Is there any quality assurance?
A: Quality Warranty 3 years. 1 for 1 within 1 year, 2 for 1 within 2 year, 3 for 1 within 3 year. And support 3rd party test.

Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A: Some areas you can get samples from our local partners,and some samples can be sent by DHL/TNT/FedEx by or load to your containers.


Durable Hdpe Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets Product Specifications:



Load Capacity:

Static Load:6T

Dynamic Load:1.5T

Racking Load:1T




4 ways


According to customer demand

Structure characteristic:

Deck type

closed decks

Bottom type

3 runners

Loading Qty:



Durable Hdpe Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets Key Features:

1. High-Quality Material: Constructed from premium HDPE, our pallets offer exceptional resistance to impact, moisture, chemicals, and UV rays. This ensures their suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications, regardless of the environmental conditions.

2. Stackable Design: The Euro Stackable Plastic Pallets are ingeniously designed to enable efficient stacking, maximizing storage space utilization. Their sturdy construction allows for safe and secure vertical stacking, minimizing the risk of toppling and ensuring easy access to stored goods.

3. Standard Euro Size: These pallets adhere to the standard Euro size specifications, making them compatible with most pallet racking systems and facilitating seamless integration into existing storage setups. Their standardized dimensions (1200mm x 1000mm) ensure compatibility with a wide range of logistics and transportation equipment.

HD3RCWS1210B Durable Hdpe Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets

4. Impressive Load-Bearing Capacity: Our pallets are engineered to withstand heavy loads, offering an impressive load-bearing capacity suitable for a variety of applications. They can safely accommodate bulky goods and heavy items, making them ideal for warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.

5. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining our HDPE Euro Stackable Plastic Pallets is hassle-free. They are resistant to moisture absorption, stains, and odors, allowing easy cleaning with common detergents or sanitizing agents. The smooth surface ensures effortless debris removal and prevents the accumulation of dirt or bacteria.

6. Safety Features: These pallets are designed with safety in mind. They feature rounded corners and edges to reduce the risk of injuries during handling and transportation. Additionally, the non-slip surface minimizes the chance of load movement and provides stability during stacking and transport.

7. Environmentally Friendly: Our pallets are made from recyclable HDPE material, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing our Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets, you contribute to reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.

Whether you need efficient storage solutions for your warehouse, optimized transportation logistics, or improved organization within your facility, our Durable HDPE Euro Stackable Plastic Storage Pallets are a perfect choice. Invest in these reliable and versatile pallets to enhance your operations and streamline your supply chain.



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