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Plastic Water Tank/IBC Barrel Blow Molding

       Type        Plastic Water Tank/IBC Barrel Blow Molding
       Art No.        HDIBC1210115
       Entirety Description
       Size        L1200*W1000*H1150mm
       Capacity        1000L
       Unit weight        58±3(KG)
       Inner container description        
       Size        L1150*W950*H1000
       Material        HDPE(Virgin materal avaliable)
       Colour        White or Blue.
       Thickness of inner container        3-5mm
       External description        
       Material        Malleable hot dip galvanized steel pipe
       Screw        8.8 Galvanized anti-skid screw
       Thickness        1.0-2.0
       The other specification available
       Specification(mm)        Capacity(L)
       1200*1000*1150        1000
       1200*1000*1350        1250
       1200*1000*1650        1550

1.)Made of HDPE, the inner barrel of the IBC is of high intensity, easy to clean and innocuous.

2.)Made of first-class hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, the frame of the container is firm, durable and corrosion-resisting.

3.)Made of engineering plastics, the angle bead and cover plate can well protect the inner barrel and the valve.

4.)Made of quality galvanized steel plates, the four-way-inlet pallet well protects the inner, and is of best stability, easy to load, unload and stack.

5.)Equipped with exhaust devices, the container cap ensures liquid safety during transportation.

6.)Fixed by bolts into the container top, so the inner barrel can be easily replaced.

Product Structure

1)Inner Barrel
Rectangular blow moulded barrel made of HDPE,with filling opening in the middle
of the top section and discharge opening at the bottom of the front side.
Material                     HDPE, natural color
Weight 18±1kg
Wall thickness control 100 points

2)Steel Frame
Rectangular grid frame made of circular steel pipes, connected bottom pallet with tie-bar on the top(assembled with brackets). There are one instruction plate on the front and one label plate on the side.
Material galvanized steel
  Thickness of steel pipe 1mm
  Weight 42kg±1kg

3) Pallet
Steel-frame pallet           1200×1000mm, 4-way entry
Material                      galvanized steel

4) Filling Opening
DN140 with external thread, sealed with thread caps.

5) Discharge Opening
DN50 ball valve is with blue, red, green or yellow handles and safety screw. Valve outlet is equipped with dust-proof inner and outer caps, including liquid guide pipe.

6) Corner Protector               4 pieces made of HDPE

7) Material of Ball Valve HDPE
 Material of Valve Sealing Ring      EPDM, FPM, NBR



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