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  • 12-25
    Environmentally friendly plastic pallets are inseparable from the active participation of multiple parties

    Whether plastic pallets are environmentally friendly is inseparable from the upstream industry. Like most industries, the plastic pallet industry is also an industry in which the upstream, midstream and downstream industry chains are interlocking. Upstream refers to raw material suppliers, including Read More »

  • 11-24
    Analysis of Stacking Problems in Blow Molded Pallets

    Planned classified storage can realize orderly warehouse operations, otherwise it will easily cause inefficiency. For the storage and stacking of blow-molded pallets, everyone needs to understand the quantity and type of materials, the fluidity of the goods, the time of arrival of the goods, the reg Read More »

  • 11-09
    How to reduce the damage rate of plastic pallets?

    The scale of transportation and distribution is increasing year by year, and the use of nine-feet plastic pallets is increasing. As a result, the management cost of plastic pallets is getting higher and higher, and the inappropriate use of forklifts has caused the phenomenon of damage to plastic pal Read More »

  • 10-22
    Will the customized color of the plastic pallet affect the quality?

    Generally speaking, plastic pallets are blue, which greatly facilitates the use and acceptance of plastic pallets by many plastic pallet manufacturers. Therefore, in the process of purchasing a plastic pallet, it is not easy to see the single side, quality or color of the pallet, and the quality w Read More »

  • 10-22
    Causes of plastic pallet deformation

    1. The cargo is overweight This problem is relatively common and many. When purchasing, companies generally choose to carry a weight slightly higher than the actual weight. It is to avoid the problem of overweight goods when plastic pallets are used. Generally, overweight in a short period of time i Read More »

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