Analysis of Stacking Problems in Blow Molded Pallets

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Analysis of Stacking Problems in Blow Molded Pallets

Planned classified storage can realize orderly warehouse operations, otherwise it will easily cause inefficiency. For the storage and stacking of blow-molded pallets, everyone needs to understand the quantity and type of materials, the fluidity of the goods, the time of arrival of the goods, the regularity of the quantity of goods, the irregular operation of the goods on the shelves, and the difficulties in management. At present, the problem is that many warehouses randomly place goods, and the administrator needs to find out with experience when picking up the goods, which wastes a lot of time. It may also cause major omissions and bring difficulties to daily inventory. The irregularity of pallet stacking makes the material on the pallet unstable, and the direction of the box label is random. Personnel cannot distinguish the number of material types on the outside of the shelf. The mover did not record when picking up the goods, and the quantity of materials on the pallet was abnormal. Sometimes the materials that can be stored in one warehouse will occupy two or even two pallet warehouses. The mixing phenomenon is serious. Sign utilization is low. The material area is unclear. In principle, external factory personnel are responsible for the stacking and stacking of goods, and the warehouse manager will guide and guide the stacking method on site. However, if outsiders are not careful in stacking, or if the administrator is not present to guide, it is easy to cause irregular stacking. In the storage stage, the forklift is mainly responsible for the inventory location of blow-molded pallets, and then the physical manager returns to the corresponding warehouse for verification. The specific points are not accurately reflected in the storage ledger, and the shelves cannot be divided according to the area of the goods. When picking goods, stocking personnel did not abide by the blow-molded pallet stacking rules, and failed to effectively integrate the pallets after picking the goods, causing confusion in the stacking of blow-molded pallets in the warehouse, and a small amount of similar materials occupied two or three shelves. The warehouse manager should sort out what type of code the materials under his own jurisdiction are suitable for.


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