How to reduce the damage rate of plastic pallets?

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How to reduce the damage rate of plastic pallets?

The scale of transportation and distribution is increasing year by year, and the use of nine-feet plastic pallets is increasing. As a result, the management cost of plastic pallets is getting higher and higher, and the inappropriate use of forklifts has caused the phenomenon of damage to plastic pallets. In order to avoid damage to the nine-feet plastic pallet, it is necessary to standardize the cost of the plastic pallet to improve the efficiency of transportation operations. When the number of plastic pallets used by an enterprise is large, such as the number of plastic pallets entering and leaving the warehouse, if all are counted and recorded manually, the workload will be very large. In this way, companies have to invest more labor costs, and at the same time, errors will inevitably occur. However, if the intelligent recognition technology is introduced to manage the inbound and outbound operations of plastic pallets in an automatic reading mode, it will not only be fast, it can greatly improve efficiency, but also save labor costs. The nine-feet plastic pallet is used in conjunction with a forklift, and needs attention. Nine-feet plastic pallets can be used with forklifts to more efficiently complete the loading and unloading, turnover and stacking of goods. The nine-feet plastic pallet has forks on all sides, and it can also be used in places without equipment and forklifts. Unlike traditional bar code tags, smart identification radio frequency tags can be read and written repeatedly, and the stored information can be compensated and modified. For example, for multi-functional plastic pallets containing items, it will be possible in the future to use radio frequency identification technology to understand the various plastic pallets in the entire warehouse and the goods in the plastic pallets. At present, intelligent identification technology is bringing about a huge change in the supply chain field to identify advantages such as long distance, fast speed, resistance to damage, large capacity, etc., simplify the complicated work process, and effectively improve the efficiency and transparency of the supply chain.


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