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water 5 bottle gallon water bottle pallets turkey Plastic bucket pallet

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water 5 bottle gallon water bottle pallet-_01s turkey Plastic bucket pallet

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Pallets Data



Entry Type

4 Way




Yes,anti-slip rubber inserted


Blue,balck and other colour request

Load Quantity

20 pcs

Available for racking



4-5 layers


Single and open decks

Rack Load



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Q: How do I know what pallet is right for me?

A: Great question!  Believe it or not, there is an extensive amount of knowledge tied to the use of plastic pallets.  What size?  How much weight does it need to hold?  What are you using the pallet for?  How are you moving the pallet?  And many more questions.  By talking with you, we can narrow down what pallet is right for you and how you will be using it. 

Q: Why plastic pallets?

A: Lighter in unit weight,  Safe handling,  Resistance to corrosion, Waterproof Heat resistance,  Cold resistance,  Oil resistance, Fire-retardancy, Clean and hygienic, easily sanitized, Working life span is around 10 times of wooden pallet

Q: Plastic Pallets Features

A: Recyclable, Environmental,  No Maintenance, Hygeian, Inflaming retarding Durable,  Mothproof,  4 ways,  Safety,  Anti skid surfaces

Q: Can we get samples from you?

A: We’d like to send you samples from our warehouse, but the freight would be at a high rate due to the large volume and weight. So if you really want it, the cost will be on your account. But it will be a discount if orders confirmed.


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