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Storage Stackable Plastic Pallets And Containers

External Dimension: 1200*1000*975 mm
Foldable Specification: 1200*1000*380mm
Unit Weight (With 1 steel tube): 56.7KG
Dynamic Load: 1T
Static Load: 4T
  • 1210H975D




F A Q:

Q: How can I know which pallet boxes suits my use?
A: We suggest to check below details and contact our sales team to get prompt and processional solution ,
1) Application

for fruit and vegetables-generally choose pallet boxes with grid walls;

for commercial use-generally choose pallet boxes with closed walls;

Q: Can you make any color for pallet boxes?

A: Yes, we can customized for any color.


Q:What’s the MOQ?

Q: How long for delivery time?
A: Generally 15-20days against deposit.

Q: Whats' your payment terms?
A: TT, L/C, Paypal, West Union,we-chat,credit card or others according to specific situation

Q: Any other additional service you can provide?

*Customized Logo printing;

*Customized color;

*Free det+dem at destination port;

*Three years quality warranty

Q: Is there any quality assurance?
A: Quality Warranty 3 years. 1 for 1 within 1 year, 2 for 1 within 2 year, 3 for 1 within 3 year. And support 3rd party test.

Q: How can I get a sample to check your quality?
A: Some areas you can get samples from our local partners,and some samples can be sent by DHL/TNT/FedEx by or load to your containers.




Storage Stackable Plastic Pallets And Containers

External Dimension

1200*1000*975 mm

Inside Specification

1115*915*825 mm

Foldable Specification


Unit Weight (With 1 steel tube)


Dynamic Load


Static Load



PE or PP

forklift entry

4 ways

Storage Stackable Plastic Pallets And Containers

Storage Stackable Plastic Pallets And Containers Features:

1. There is a small door on the side for easy access to materials.

2. Information card slots can be installed on both sides.

3. There is no grid and other hygienic dead corners inside the box, which is easy to clean.

4. The forklift hole and bottom plane at the bottom of the box are equipped with anti-slip blocks, which are used for anti-skid of forklifts and other handling equipment and ground anti-skid.

5. A hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is built into the bottom of the box to ensure its strength of the box.

Storage Stackable Plastic Pallet Containers with hot-dip galvanized steel pipe

Storage Stackable Plastic Pallets And Containers Advantages:

1. The plastic pallet box is assembled as a whole, and any part that is damaged can be replaced and repaired.

2. It can be folded, which greatly saves storage volume when it is not in use.

3. It is more flexible and convenient to use with forklifts and manual pallet trucks.

4. It can be used for multiple turnover transportation, durable.

5. Widely used in the chemical industry, auto parts, food, medicine, and other fields.



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