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Reusable Economy Hygienic Plastic Pallets Storage and Transport

1. Size: 1100×800×155mm
2. Material: HDPE/PP
3. Static Load: 4T
4. Dynamic Load: 1T
5. Racking Load: 0.5T
  • HDFGNS1108A


Product Specifications:



Load Capacity

Static Load:4T

Dynamic Load:1T

Racking Load:0.5T

Unit Weight





4 ways


According to customer demand

Structure characteristic:

Deck type

Open deck

Bottom type

Full perimeters

Reusable Economy Hygienic Plastic Pallets Storage and Transport Features:

1) Reusable and eco-friendly plastic pallets designed for storage and transport purposes.

2) Hygienic design ensures cleanliness and suitability for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

3) Lightweight yet sturdy construction for easy handling and increased load capacity.

4) Smooth and non-porous surface makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.

5) Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and pests, ensuring product integrity during storage and transportation.

6) Four-way entry design allows for efficient handling with pallet jacks and forklifts.

7) Compatible with automated systems and stackable for space-saving storage.

8) Rounded corners and edges for enhanced safety and reduced risk of product damage.

9) Customizable options available to meet specific requirements, including color, size, and additional features.

10) Stackable design ensures efficient use of vertical space in warehouses and storage facilities.

HDFGNS1108A Reusable Economy Hygienic Plastic Pallets Storage and Transport

Reusable Economy Hygienic Plastic Pallets Storage and Transport Advantages:

1) Cost-effective solution for long-term use due to reusability and durability.

2) Reduces packaging waste and promotes sustainable practices.

3) Protects products from damage during handling and transportation.

4) Easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring high hygiene standards.

5) Lightweight design minimizes shipping costs and improves operational efficiency.

6) Complies with industry standards and regulations.

7) Enhances supply chain efficiency by facilitating smooth material flow and storage.

8) Improves workplace safety with rounded corners and edges.

9) Provides a versatile solution for various industries and applications.

About Our Company:

  • Established Production Capacity: With 20+ years of experience, our company has a production capacity of 1,000,000+ sets annually.

  • Designing Ability: Our R&D department provides optimal packaging solutions for different spare parts.

  • Impressive Project Experiences: We have worked with renowned brands such as Porsche, Volvo, Auto-zone, SQM, and more.

  • Mold Production Department: We have a dedicated department that ensures customers' parts packaging privacy.

  • Mature Foreign Trade Team: With 15+ years of experience, our international business team serves customers worldwide.



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