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  • 05-14
    The disposal method of unqualified plastic tray

    First, analyze the causes of the unqualified products.First, the raw material is not in accordance with the provisions of the melting parameters, or the melting point of the raw material is not uniform, this situation is usually seen in the sub-brand material.Many plastic pallet enterprises in order Read More »

  • 05-11
    Plastic tray manufacturers tell you how to clean plastic tray

    Plastic tray is the enterprise finished products used for turnover, delivery must be packed, but at present, the tray in the use process, become more and more dirty, become a link to affect the workshop, warehouse cleanliness.Tray cleaning is a necessity.Through our investigation found that plastic Read More »

  • 04-30
    The role of plastic trays

    Pallet definition: a horizontal platform device for placing goods and articles as unit loads due to consolidation, stacking, handling, and transportation.Tray is a kind of important equipment, is to adapt to the loading and unloading mechanization in the field of logistics and developed a kind of co Read More »

  • 04-29
    Six advantages of plastic pallet over wooden pallet in contemporary logistics

    Six advantages of plastic pallet over wooden pallet in acting logisticsSichuan fonts, plastic tray, the bottom has nine word or party support, depending on the bearing capacity and using occasion are divided into shelf series, standard series and super light series three standard, widely used in foo Read More »

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