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  • 04-21
    What are the characteristics of plastic containers? Why the growing popularity?

    Nowadays, plastic turnover box has become the favored logistics storage container tool of many enterprises, because it is used for collective packaging of products or pallet packaging of goods, can achieve moisture-proof, dustproof, reduce labor, reduce cost.And plastic turnover basket material is P Read More »

  • 04-13
    To save more space only choose coaming box

    What is a coaming box?A coaming box is a wooden box composed of pallet, body and lid, and more than one section of coaming.Coaming boxes usually consist of four or six pieces of wood and hinges.The coaming size is customized according to the requirements of the goods, which maximizes the utilization Read More »

  • 03-25
    Requirements of coaming box on load bearing strength

    1. Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted at one time by using an electric forklift truck or a manual hydraulic container carrier.General shelf turnover box can bear 1.5t-2t, standard coaming box can bear 1T, ultra-light turnover box dynamic load 0.5t.2. Dead load refers to the Read More »

  • 03-25
    Advantages of coaming boxes and their role in various industries

    Primary use and features of coaming boxesCoaming box, also known as logistics box, is widely used in machinery, cars, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other operations, can withstand acid and alkali, oil resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used for food storage, clean and con Read More »

  • 03-24
    What are the characteristics of hollow coaming box raw materials

    Hollow blow molding skills (with the aid of gas pressure in the closed in the mold hot melt parison swell to form hollow products) are widely spread and application is in full accord with a blow molding materials, hollow blow molding material has been from the start of the LDPE, PET, PP and PVC prod Read More »

  • 03-17
    The advantage and characteristic of plastic card board box

    Plastic card board box is the logistics, airport, workshop, storage industry essential handling tools, logistics companies are inseparable from the card board box, but for the plastic card board box, we do not know its composition, also do not know what specific practical characteristics?The followi Read More »

  • 08-29
    What is collapsible pallet container?

    1. The base parts are pallet type structure 2. Be widely use for solid,liquid, powdery and pasty material packaging. 3.Be widely use in many fields.  Read More »

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