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  • 05-09
    How to increase the service life of plastic tray

    A plastic pallet is a pallet consisting of a load surface and a forklift socket for easy loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of cargo.Its service life is also longer, however, the longer the service life of the plastic tray, can save some money for the enterprise.So, how Read More »

  • 05-07
    Use and maintenance of plastic tray

    As an indispensable part of the warehousing and logistics industry, plastic pallet plays an important role.If the plastic pallet is used according to the correct usage specification, it can not only give full play to its own role, but also extend its service life and reduce the purchase cost of the Read More »

  • 05-06
    Plastic pallet four molding methods

    There are four molding methods of plastic pallet, among which the fourth method has the least investment in manufacturing equipment and mold and the lowest cost.Taizhou wuhe plastic industry co., LTD. Is specialized in the production and manufacture of plastic pallets, plastic beer boxes, plastic tr Read More »

  • 04-30
    The role of plastic trays

    Pallet definition: a horizontal platform device for placing goods and articles as unit loads due to consolidation, stacking, handling, and transportation.Tray is a kind of important equipment, is to adapt to the loading and unloading mechanization in the field of logistics and developed a kind of co Read More »

  • 04-29
    Six advantages of plastic pallet over wooden pallet in contemporary logistics

    Six advantages of plastic pallet over wooden pallet in acting logisticsSichuan fonts, plastic tray, the bottom has nine word or party support, depending on the bearing capacity and using occasion are divided into shelf series, standard series and super light series three standard, widely used in foo Read More »

  • 04-28
    Advantages of the nine-foot plastic tray

    The kind of plastic pallet has many many, why nine feet plastic pallet is so popular now, so it has what advantage, some layman is not very understand.Now I'm going to read it.Analysis of the advantages of nine-foot plastic tray mainly to see their own weight and structure;From the structural aspect Read More »

  • 04-25
    Application of plastic pallet in service industry

    A brief analysis of the processing technology of plastic traysPlastic tray is made of PE, PP plastic through hot melt injection molding machine.It plays an irreplaceable role in logistics, export, transportation, rapid handling, export and manufacturing, electronic and electrical industry, including Read More »

  • 04-16
    PE material (polyethylene) and PP material (polypropylene) plastic pallet diffe

    At present, the plastic pallet material that USES on domestic market basically is: polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) two kinds, because the property of raw material is different, the plastic pallet price of same model different material also has difference, use bearing capacity and use enviro Read More »

  • 04-15
    Notes for the summer use of plastic trays

    Plastic tray for beautiful, generous, strong, durable and loved by the enterprise, in fact, plastic tray, as a kind of safety, environmental protection packaging materials, are many industry recognition, and luxury packaging products co., LTD. Shandong force warm prompt, how to do daily maintenance, Read More »

  • 03-17
    The difference between pallet and container

    Pallets are single-layer or double-layer pallets used to carry cargo according to certain specifications.Pack a certain number of single goods and materials on the plate, and according to the requirements of the bundling and strengthening, constitute a transport unit, facilitate the use of machinery Read More »

  • 03-17
    The advantage and characteristic of plastic card board box

    Plastic card board box is the logistics, airport, workshop, storage industry essential handling tools, logistics companies are inseparable from the card board box, but for the plastic card board box, we do not know its composition, also do not know what specific practical characteristics?The followi Read More »

  • 03-11
    Analyze the future trend of the price of plastic cardboard box

    Due to the limitation of wooden pallet in sanitary condition and standard production, the requirements of production condition, storage condition, process control and quality management are improved from time to time.Plastic cardboard boxes began to appear and soon took their place.At present has be Read More »

  • 03-11
    How to choose plastic pallet according to material?

    Plastic pallet a lot of people have seen, so you know how to choose plastic pallet according to the material?The friend that still does not know will listen to small make up of M shao!The differences in the chemical composition of raw materials cause the differences in the characteristics of plastic Read More »

  • 03-02
    Meet New trade festival

    photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introductionphoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introducti Read More »

  • 03-02
    New trade festival is here

    In this march the new trade festival is approaching, our store offers many, many discounts, please pay attention.March is the beginning of the year and the beginning of trade.The new trade festival in March allows us to get to know each other better and establish better cooperation.In this activity, Read More »

  • 01-23
    Load Capacity Explanation for plastic pallet & pallet box

    Some users are confusing on load capacity types of plastic pallets and pallet containers,now we offer some explanation to help uderstanding, • STATIC load is the maximum weight that the pallet can withstand when placed on a level solid surface.An example of a static load would be a set of pallets tha Read More »

  • 10-26
    How do I know what pallet is right for me?

    Read More »

  • 08-29
    What is collapsible pallet container?

    1. The base parts are pallet type structure 2. Be widely use for solid,liquid, powdery and pasty material packaging. 3.Be widely use in many fields.  Read More »

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