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  • 12-08
    Standard pallet sizes in Australia

    The standard pallet size in Australia is 1165 mm x 1165 mm, with 150 mm the average height. Pallets are available in various materials, including commonly used plastic or wood, and most makers conform to size in whichever material they use. However, although Australia does have a countrywide standar Read More »

  • 12-07
    The difference between wooden and plastic pallets

    Some organisations still prefer wooden pallets, because they’re usually cheaper to buy in the first place, and their supply chain is set up for them. While price is an important consideration, there are several more variables to weigh up.StrengthWooden pallets tend to break much more easily than pla Read More »

  • 11-25
    Plastic rectangular pallets have good load-bearing capacity. Can goods be stacked as high as they want?

    Ground load-bearing: The load-bearing capacity of the ground and plastic rectangular pallets should also be taken into consideration when stacking the cargo space. At present, 3-5 tons are more common in the market. Some warehouse steel warehouses have a relatively large ground load, and some can re Read More »

  • 11-23
    Plastic pallet selection of raw material performance

    PE performance: There are three types of high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure polyethylene. High-pressure polyethylene has a flexible texture; low-pressure polyethylene has a hard texture and good cold resistance, and remains soft at -70°C. High chemical stability, resistant to acids, alk Read More »

  • 11-13
    What are the characteristics of different types of plastic pallets?

    Lightweight plastic pallets: Mainly used to carry lighter goods. The most common one is the nine-feet grid pallet. A significant advantage of this type of plastic pallet is its lightness and low cost. It can be used with manual forklift or mechanical forklift. The general size is 1200*1000*140 1100* Read More »

  • 11-12
    Teach you how to choose the plastic pallet (card board) material

    Temperature conditions: Plastic pallets have the widest operating temperature range, and can maintain good performance from 70°C to minus 25°C. The maximum operating temperature of polypropylene pallets can reach 160°C; load-bearing requirements: steel pallets have the strongest load-bearing capacit Read More »

  • 11-11
    How to clean plastic pallets more convenient?

    How to clean plastic pallets more convenient?Plastic pallets are necessary carriers used by logistics companies for turnover boxes and delivery. In the process of use, the pallet becomes more and more dirty, which becomes a link that affects the cleanliness of the workshop and warehouse. The cleanin Read More »

  • 11-05
    Selection of pallet materials

    Choose the pallet temperature of different materials according to the use environment: Pallets of different materials have a temperature range for their normal performance, and different use temperatures will directly affect the choice of pallet manufacturing materials. For example, the use temperat Read More »

  • 10-22
    How to choose the size of medical plastic pallet?

    Medical plastic pallets and food plastic pallets are favored by the pharmaceutical and food industries because of their unique anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, rust-proof, moth-proof and mildew-proof properties. Medical plastic pallets only disinfect commonly used plastic pallets. Therefore, the size Read More »

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