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  • 12-23
    How to choose the size of the medical plastic pallet?

    Medical plastic pallets and food plastic pallets are favored by the pharmaceutical and food industries because of their unique anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, rust-proof, moth-proof, and mildew-proof properties. Medical plastic pallets only disinfect commonly used plastic pallets. Therefore, the siz Read More »

  • 12-08
    What to consider when buying pallets and skids ?

    Pallet jacks and forklifts – You need to be able to move your skid or pallet at some point, whether loaded or not. It’s important to understand what equipment you’ll need for all types of handling and lifting needed to keep your operations running smoothly.Weight-bearing – Consider everything you mi Read More »

  • 12-07
    What is the connection between plastic pallet manufacturers and the logistics industry?

    It should be realized that plastic pallet manufacturers cooperate with the development of various transportation methods, and enterprises should make overall plans. Plastic pallet products cooperate with the loading and unloading of materials. Not only do they cooperate with railway transportation, Read More »

  • 11-25
    Why do plastic pallet manufacturers add anti-slip to the pallet?

    The non-slip mat of the pallet is the rubber structure embedded in the pallet. It has lines on its surface. The material itself can increase friction and prevent the goods from slipping. Many flat pallets will use it. The installation of anti-skid pads can increase the resistance of the pallet. When Read More »

  • 11-23
    How to save money in plastic pallet procurement

    Use standardized pallets: From the automation industry to half of the product processing industries, large companies are implementing pallet standardization to save investment. The standardized pallets are purchased the same, the maintenance price is low, easy to recycle, and the shipping cost is sa Read More »

  • 11-19
    Four major benefits of European standards for plastic pallets

    The manufacturing and maintenance of European standard pallets follow uniform specifications all over the world to ensure temporary and safe use. Reusable European standard pallets have great commercial value for importers in Europe and the United States. They can be directly transferred to the next Read More »

  • 11-05
    Selection of pallet size

    Pallets have a direct relationship with the products to be transported, containers, racks, freight platforms of transport vehicles, and handling facilities. The size of the pallet is the basis for considering the size of other equipment. In particular, to establish an effective pallet public system, Read More »

  • 11-02
    Introduction to the characteristics of injection molded pallets

    Plastic pallets are containerized unit appliances that are processed by injection molding, blow molding, blister molding and other processes using thermoplastics such as PE or PP to add some performance-improving additives, including box pallets. Plastic pallets are large-scale plastic products, wit Read More »

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