What should I do if the trash can smells bad?

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What should I do if the trash can smells bad?

It is what we usually call the trash can. In the process of using it, some people may find that there are often various flavors in it, which brings us great difficulties during the application process, and there are some correct The method really reduces some peculiar smells, it will be more convenient in the process of use, and will reduce other problems.

Summer smells bigger:The weather in summer is relatively hot, so if some garbage is thrown in it, the smell will be very big. In many places, the trash cans in summer are really difficult to clean up. The smell is very big and it attracts more mosquitoes. It is also very harmful to health. Therefore, we must deal with it in time to reduce the odor. It can be used for longer. Regular cleaning: If we want to reduce the meaning of plastic garbage collection bins, we must do regular cleaning. Only after everyone can really clean these places, then it will have a good effect for us, so we must be serious To consider these specific circumstances. If you can do the cleaning work carefully, the taste will be reduced. Separate garbage: In these plastic garbage collection bins, we try to establish a method of sorting and disposing of garbage. Some things are prone to odor and cannot be recycled. We put them together. Distinguish appropriately, and clean up all the smelly garbage in time will reduce these peculiar smells, and it will have a better effect from the long-term use, so we should know these methods. Classified waste disposal is now implemented in many cities, and the effect is very good.

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