What impact does the plastic pallet structure have on injection molding?

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What impact does the plastic pallet structure have on injection molding?

There are many production methods for various plastic pallets in modern industrial production activities, among which injection molding is the most commonly used process method. Compared with other molding methods, injection molding can produce plastic pallets of any geometric shape according to requirements, and has the advantages of relatively short molding cycle and high production efficiency, and its application range is becoming wider and wider. In the process of product design, the design of plastic pallets is a work with relatively strong craftsmanship. The design of plastic pallets includes two basic elements: material and structure. In the process of mold design, many technological problems are often found in At the beginning of product structure design, frequent revision work was caused. Judging the manufacturability of plastic pallets generally mainly refers to the degree of molding defects and the complexity of the mold determined by the structure of the plastic part.

The design of the wall thickness of the plastic part (some companies also call it thick) is related to the requirements of the use of the plastic part and the characteristics of the plastic itself. From the perspective of molding quality, defects such as depressions and shrinkage holes are mainly generated during the molding process. If the wall thickness is too small, it will cause difficulty in flow, and it is not easy to fill the cavity and cause shortage of material. The wall thickness of the plastic part is as uniform as possible, or transition in a gentle form. Where there are special requirements for the structure of plastic parts (such as thin walls), in-depth research is required.



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