What are the precautions and maintenance of plastic turnover boxes?

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What are the precautions and maintenance of plastic turnover boxes?

The following points shall be paid attention to when using the plastic turnover box:

1. The plastic pallet shall be placed with care to avoid uneven stress and damage when landing.

2. When placing the goods, they shall be placed evenly to avoid the sharp surface directly pressing on the bottom of the turnover box, which may cause side deflection or damage due to uneven stress, or even damage the goods in the box.

plastic turnover box

3. When using matching pallets, it is necessary to consider whether the turnover box size is suitable for using this plastic pallet, to avoid side deflection or box turnover due to improper size and placement.

4. When stacking, the load-bearing of its own turnover box shall be considered, and the stacking height shall be the most limited.

The correct use of plastic turnover boxes should ensure that the weight of a single box does not exceed the upper limit and cannot be filled. At least 20mm (excluding the upper joint) should be left to prevent the goods from directly contacting the bottom of the box and causing damage or dirt to the products.

The plastic turnover boxes are stacked on the plastic pallet in combination and properly bound and wrapped to facilitate mechanical loading, unloading, and transportation, so as to meet the requirements of loading, unloading, transportation, and storage

Maintenance of plastic turnover box:

In order to make the plastic turnover box safe for a long time, it is hoped that the plastic pallet can be used correctly according to the following requirements:

1. The plastic turnover box shall be protected from the sun to avoid aging and shorten its service life.

2. It is forbidden to throw the goods into the plastic turnover box from a high place. Reasonably determine the stacking mode of goods in the turnover box. The goods shall be placed evenly, and shall not be stacked in a centralized manner or stacked eccentrically.

plastic turnover box

3. It is strictly prohibited to throw the plastic turnover box from a high place to avoid crushing and cracking the turnover box due to violent impact.

4. During forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle operation, the fork stab shall lift the pallet as smoothly as possible before changing the angle. The forks shall not hit the side of the pallet to avoid damaging the turnover box and goods indirectly due to the breakage of the pallet.

5. When the pallet is put on the shelf, the shelf-type pallet must be used. The bearing capacity depends on the shelf structure. Overload use is strictly prohibited.

The above is about the introduction of plastic turnover boxes.


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