• 11-09 2020 +Read More
    What should I do if the trash can smells bad?

    It is what we usually call the trash can. In the process of using it, some people may find that there are often various flavors in it, which brings us great difficulties during the application process, and there are some correct The method really reduces some peculiar smells, it will be more conveni

  • 10-13 2020 +Read More
    Plastic trash can related

    Plastic trash can is a kind of plastic container specially for holding garbage, bringing cleanliness, hygiene and environmental protection to cities, community hygiene, and various public places. It is an environmentally friendly product that is ubiquitous in real life, and more than 500 million tra

  • 05-27 2020 +Read More
    Application of thick sheet blister process in auto parts industry

    Vacuum forming is one of the most common forming methods for plastic packaging containers.It is a secondary molding technology with thermoplastic sheet as the molding object.In foreign countries, vacuum molding is an old molding process, due to constant development and change, now has a high degree

  • 05-27 2020 +Read More
    Green packaging, environmental protection, ecological sustainable development

    "ecological", "sustainable" and "circular economy" have become concepts frequently used in the society, and packaging design is also an important research topic centering on these terms towards "green design".With the excessive use of packaging, improper packaging materials and packaging destruction

  • 05-25 2020 +Read More
    Three mildew proof tips for coaming boxes

    Improper use of folding coaming box will lead to mildew. We need to find the cause from the source. We have summarized three tips for you to prevent mildew.Uploading...1. Thermal disposal.Thermal treatment is to extract the water contained in the folding coaming box to the surface and then carry out

  • 04-11 2020 +Read More
    Choose the right coaming box to make more space to carry the world

    What is a coaming box?A coaming box is a wooden box consisting of pallet, body and lid, which are stacked and composed of more than one section of coaming.Coaming boxes generally consist of four or six pieces of wood and hinges.The size of the coaming is customized according to the requirements of t

  • 04-08 2020 +Read More
    Hollow board turnover box development prospects

    With the development of The Times and the progress of the society, we have a further request for the quality of transport, hollow board turnover box, especially finished products.But these foods are not easy to save, to ensure that the simple short maturity transformation, erosion, in order to meet

  • 04-03 2020 +Read More
    The key practical meaning of sorting dustbins

    Dustbin is blossoming into every household, is a crucial part of the People's Daily life, with The Times, the development trend of the natural environment continues to malignant transformation, so that together we can enjoy the daily life of a high quality natural environment, using the bin recyclin

  • 04-02 2020 +Read More
    240L plastic trash can

    1.240 LThe plastic trash can body adopts high density polyethylene one-time injection molding, the appearance is smooth, easy to clean.2. The front and back of the barrel are specially designed and newly added to strengthen ribs, so that the sides of the barrel can bear more impact force;3. The whee

  • 03-30 2020 +Read More
    The difference between hollow board coaming box and other plastic coaming box

    Have we learned about hollow board coaming boxes and plastic coaming boxes?Do not understand together to understand the hollow board coaming box and plastic coaming box what is different!Hollow board coaming box is a tubular shell with a closed circular ring.The plastic coaming box is a tubular shel


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