Three advantages and characteristics of large plastic pallets

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Three advantages and characteristics of large plastic pallets

Use area of large plastic pallet: Like outdoor, its surface bearing area is larger, which can hold more goods. It can meet the stacking needs of many goods packaging and improve the utilization rate of the load-bearing surface of the pallet. With the same amount of goods, the center of gravity of ordinary plastic pallets will be higher. If the warehouse requires multiple layers of stacking, but the height is limited, large double-sided plastic pallets are generally selected for stacking goods. Load-bearing capacity of large-scale plastic round basin: Large-scale injection-molded plastic pallets can be added with steel pipes to increase the load-bearing capacity, and large-scale blow-molded plastic pallets have superior impact resistance and load-bearing capacity. The load-bearing capacity of a large plastic pallet is related to its craft, self-weight and specification structure. Structurally, the load-bearing capacity of double-sided plastic pallets will be more superior. In terms of technology, the plastic pallet of the blow molding process has better load-bearing capacity. In terms of weight, the self-weight pallet has a better load-bearing capacity. Impact resistance of large plastic pallets: Because many large plastic pallets have higher load-bearing requirements, thicker plastic pallets are generally selected, which have better impact resistance. The large plastic pallets of the blow molding process also have good resistance to violent impact, and can be used normally in harsh environments. Like outdoor environment, sun exposure, cold storage, humid environment, chemical storage, etc., large plastic pallets can be used normally.




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