The role of plastic trays

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The role of plastic trays

Pallet definition: a horizontal platform device for placing goods and articles as unit loads due to consolidation, stacking, handling, and transportation.Tray is a kind of important equipment, is to adapt to the loading and unloading mechanization in the field of logistics and developed a kind of container equipment, common use of the forklift and pallet, forming an effective handling system is greatly promoted the development of the loading and unloading activities, with the loading and unloading machinery level increased significantly, allows for a long time in the transportation process of loading and unloading bottleneck to solve or improve, the appearance of the tray also effectively promote the improvement of the whole logistics process.

The emergence of pallets has also promoted the formation and development of containers and other consolidation methods. Now pallets are favored in consolidation field with the advantages of simplicity and convenience. Pallets have become an important consolidation method as well as containers.

Pallet features

Pallets and containers are complementary in many ways, so it is often difficult to use containers where pallets can be used, difficult to complete the work done by containers.The main characteristics of the pallet are as follows:

1, from the weight of small: so used for loading and unloading, transport pallet itself consumes less labor, ineffective transport and loading and unloading is smaller than the container.

2, easy to return to the air, when the return to the air occupied transport capacity is very little: because the pallet cost is not high, and it is easy to replace each other, each other's pallet offset, so there is no need to be like the container as fixed ownership, return to the air is easier than the container

3, easy to plate: do not need to go deep into the box like a container, after the plate can be used to tie, tight packaging and other technical treatment, easy to use.

4. Limited loading capacity: although the loading capacity is smaller than the container, it can concentrate a certain amount, which is much larger than the combination quantity of general packaging

5, poor protection: poor protection than the container, open storage is difficult, need to have a warehouse and other supporting facilities.

Pallet packaging in international trade has been used for many years, is considered to be one of the higher economic efficiency of transport packaging, he can not only simplify packaging, reduce costs, make packaging reliable, reduce losses, but also easy to mechanization, save manpower, achieve high level stacking, make full use of space


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