The price of plastic pallets is affected by different materials

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The price of plastic pallets is affected by different materials

The molding method of plastic pallets is mainly injection molding and blow molding. There are many factors that affect the price of plastic pallets. For example, the price of upstream raw materials is affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices, the R&D cost of injection molds and the raw materials used by enterprises in production are all right. Prices have a direct impact. There are currently three types of plastic pallet production materials on the market. 

The first one is 100% recycled materials. The plastic pallets produced are darker in color and cannot carry too much weight. They can only be used as a floor or as a one-time export. , So the price is low. 

The second type is plastic pallets produced by mixing new materials and recycled materials. This plastic pallet is also the most widely circulated in the market, and the price of plastic pallets is also medium. How to identify the plastic pallets made of mixed materials? It can be judged by the color. Generally, dark blue plastic pallets are probably made of mixed materials. 

The third type is plastic pallets made of new materials, and the price is the most expensive. How to identify the new material plastic pallet? By observing the color of the plastic pallet, the color is brighter and better. In addition, the strength, heat resistance, and solvent resistance are better than other products. Such products are often made of new materials. 

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