The disposal method of unqualified plastic tray

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First, analyze the causes of the unqualified products.

First, the raw material is not in accordance with the provisions of the melting parameters, or the melting point of the raw material is not uniform, this situation is usually seen in the sub-brand material.Many plastic pallet enterprises in order to save costs, to buy some small chemical plant raw materials, its various parameters are unstable or not up to the parameters.

Second, the proportion of re-raw material is too large, the current situation of domestic plastic pallet is that some customers need high-quality plastic pallet, some customers pursue low price of plastic pallet, which pushed the plastic pallet manufacturers to seek more cost saving formula, which is the most direct and effective way to add re-raw material.But how much, what proportion is not every plastic pallet enterprise can grasp.General large plastic pallet companies have their own laboratories can be based on different recycled materials to make different recipes.

Third, the machine parameter setting is not standard, such as mold locking time, injection pressure, cooling time, stripping time, etc., slightly not standard can cause plastic tray products deformation or lack of materials.

Fourth, the use of the mother or toner improper.General plastic tray with blue or red in the majority, but sometimes customers will require a special color, which requires the use of different toner to mix the color, if the use of toner proportion can not ensure that each pot material is consistent or uneven mixing, will produce color difference.

In view of the above several causes of plastic pallet unqualified products, we discuss the treatment methods.Because the raw material dissolves the waste product which the fat does not qualify, if does not exist the color difference or the deformation, may sell a level, sells with the regeneration material price.Because of the color difference caused by the unqualified products, although nominally we call it unqualified products, but actually the starting load and static load parameters of the military qualified, in this case can be used as a one-time export products, excellent to avoid loss.Because of the lack of materials or deformation of the plastic tray unqualified products, can be crushed after the second use, sophisticated low-end products.

How to avoid the production of unqualified products, is the main responsibility of each manufacturer, reducing the unqualified products can effectively increase the profit of the enterprise.


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