The difference between pallet and container

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The difference between pallet and container


Pallets are single-layer or double-layer pallets used to carry cargo according to certain specifications.Pack a certain number of single goods and materials on the plate, and according to the requirements of the bundling and strengthening, constitute a transport unit, facilitate the use of machinery in the process of transportation loading and unloading, handling and storage.

Pallet is an important container, is in the field of logistics to adapt to the loading and unloading mechanization and the development of a container, the emergence of pallet also promoted the formation and development of containers and other container.Now, the pallet has been as important as the container consolidation, forming the two pillars of the consolidation system.

Pallet has many advantages, mainly has: since the weight is small, pallet used for loading and unloading, transportation, the labor intensity consumed is small, ineffective transportation and loading and unloading load is relatively small than the container;Return air easy, because the pallet cost is low, and it is easy to contact each other substitute, can each other with the other side of the pallet offset, reduce return air, even return air is easier to operate;Easy to plate, tray easy to plate, plate after the use of technology such as strapping package, quick and simple to use;The loading quantity is suitable and the combination quantity is large.Save packaging materials and reduce packaging cost.

Of course the pallet also has some shortcomings, such as in the protection of product performance is not as good as the container, not suitable for open storage, need to have the warehouse and other supporting facilities.


The so-called container refers to a large loading container with a certain strength, stiffness and specification for the purpose of turnover.The use of containers to transport goods, can be directly at the shipper's warehouse loading, to the consignee's warehouse unloading, halfway to change the car, ship, do not need to take the goods out of the box for loading.

According to the definition and technical requirements of containers by the international organization for standardization and China's national standards, containers should have the following characteristics and technical requirements:

Material strong and durable, with enough strength, can be used repeatedly for a long time;Applicable to all kinds of transportation forms, facilitate the transport of goods and materials, with one or more modes of transport, transit, not moving the goods and materials in the box, direct loading;Equipped with special equipment for easy handling and handling, for quick handling and handling, and for direct and convenient transfer from one means of transport to another;The shape should be neat and uniform to facilitate loading, unloading and stacking of the yard, and make full use of the capacity of vehicles, ships and yards. The design should also consider the convenience of filling or unloading materials;It has 1 cubic meter and more than 1 cubic meter of content.

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