The advantages of plastic pallets_how to increase the service life of plastic pallets

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The advantages of plastic pallets_how to increase the service life of plastic pallets

Compared with other pallets, plastic pallets have the following advantages: explosion-proof type, plastic pallet price, ground non-slip, non-ignitable, plastic pallet net, non-conductive, non-static induction, no nails and no thorns. The appearance is bright and clean, beautiful and generous, the specification precision is high, the plastic pallet, the comprehensiveness is good. It has good environmental protection performance, non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant, does not rot, is easy to clean, can be recycled and reused, and saves energy.

The service life is 2-3 times longer than steel pallets and 5-7 times longer than wooden pallets. It can be exposed to the sun outdoors, and the service life is increased. The transportation cost is low. The light weight greatly reduces the transportation cost. 6. Low maintenance cost. Eliminate the cost of repairing by hand. 7. Strong adaptability. It can double four-way actual operation, which improves space utilization and work efficiency. 8. The price is low. Plastic pallets are one-fifth of the price of carbon steel pallets of the same specifications and half the price of wooden pallets.

In order to increase the service life of the plastic pallet, pay attention to the following points when using it: Handle the plastic pallet gently to prevent damage due to uneven support during landing. When stacking applications, the bearing capacity of the following plastic pallets should be considered. When handling equipment and plastic pallets, consider whether the size of the machine and equipment is suitable for the size of the plastic pallet, and prevent the size difference from destroying the plastic pallet. When placing goods, they should be symmetrically placed to prevent skew.


Plastic pallet manufacturers analyze the characteristics of large nine-feet pallets

The large nine-foot pallet and the traditional pallet have a remarkable feature, that is, the pallet has 9 supporting point feets, which is called "nine-foot pallet" because of this feature.

1. Due to the existence of the supporting point feet, the large nine-foot pallet has achieved the height of a traditional plastic pallet. In addition, it saves a lot of raw materials and reduces product costs. The pallet cost is relatively low;


2. The indoor space of the support point of the big nine-foot pallet is conducive to cooperating with electric forklifts and other special handling tools, thereby enhancing the high efficiency of goods handling.


3. The large nine-foot pallet has the function of compression and stacking. After the nine feet are hollowed out, plastic pallets of the same model specification can be stacked together. The nine feet inserted into the bottom layer ensure the reliability of the top plastic pallet and reduce the overall stacked aspect ratio.


Because of its own design characteristics, the pallets of large and medium-sized wine kilns are slightly reduced when weighing, usually under the load of a dynamic load library car, so a large nine-inch pallet is more suitable for lighter-bearing goods.


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