The advantage and characteristic of plastic card board box

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The advantage and characteristic of plastic card board box

Plastic card board box is the logistics, airport, workshop, storage industry essential handling tools, logistics companies are inseparable from the card board box, but for the plastic card board box, we do not know its composition, also do not know what specific practical characteristics?The following is to share with you:

Plastic card box raw material: black recycled environmental protection material (optional new material, water mouth mixture, raw material is not the same load is not the same.Commodity blue is given priority to, other colour can be made to order), plastic card board USES way: double side enters fork, all around enters fork, suitable ground ground USES level place, flat has the rule stack, even force.Used temperature of plastic tray: -20℃ ~ +50℃(try to prevent sun exposure and close to heat source).

Best in terms of corrosion resistance, plastic card board box, plastic wood, steel card board box worst in terms of resistance to moisture, plastic card board box function on the bug eat by moth resistance, fine steel card board box, plastic card board box times in terms of the average life expectancy, steel card board two box with a plastic card board box on the card board component, paper, wood, card board box has surely superiority on the bearing, steel has the best effect card board paper card board is poor in use function, plastic and steel is superior to paper card board, wood card board box on the card board box quotation, wooden card board box has the advantages, paper and plastic wood, steel card board box the most expensive.

However, because in the actual use, according to different USES, some board boxes are other kinds of hard to replace.For example, when carrying heavy goods, steel cardboard box has its non-substitution.But overall, plastic, plastic wood composite and paper board box will be more promising goods, and the plastic board box is the best.


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