Teach you how to choose the plastic pallet (card board) material

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Teach you how to choose the plastic pallet (card board) material

Temperature conditions: Plastic pallets have the widest operating temperature range, and can maintain good performance from 70°C to minus 25°C. The maximum operating temperature of polypropylene pallets can reach 160°C; load-bearing requirements: steel pallets have the strongest load-bearing capacity ( It can carry more than 2000KG), followed by plastic pallets (generally 500KG-2000KG for dynamic load), wooden pallets and composite pallets have average performance (within 1000KG), and paper pallets have the worst carrying capacity; environmental cleanliness: high pollution environment It is necessary to choose pollution-resistant and easy-to-clean pallets, such as plastic pallets, composite plastic-wood pallets, etc. Whether to export: Many countries require fumigation treatment for the packaging materials used for imported goods, and general export companies choose plastic pallets or fumigation-free Composite pallets; cost: wooden pallets have the lowest cost. However, there is currently no industry standard for wooden pallets. The quality of wooden pallets of the same structure varies greatly due to the difference in wood or processing technology, the market price changes greatly, and wooden pallets are easily damaged; moisture: pallets of certain materials It has strong moisture absorption. For example, wooden pallets and paper pallets cannot be used in humid environments, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. Both steel pallets and plastic pallets can be moisture-proof and waterproof.



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