Selection of pallet size

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Selection of pallet size

Pallets have a direct relationship with the products to be transported, containers, racks, freight platforms of transport vehicles, and handling facilities. The size of the pallet is the basis for considering the size of other equipment. In particular, to establish an effective pallet public system, pallets of uniform specifications must be used. Pallet standardization is a prerequisite for consistent pallet operations. The current new ISO international pallet size standards are as follows: Considering the versatility of pallets in the future, these pallets of these specifications should be selected as much as possible to facilitate the exchange and use of pallets in the future. Of course, since various industries have formed their own inherent packaging sizes for a long time, they will have some different requirements for the specifications and sizes of the pallets, but from a long-term perspective, they should still choose international sizes. In addition, the following factors should be considered when choosing the size of the pallet:

The specifications and dimensions of transportation tools and transportation equipment should be considered: the appropriate pallet size should meet the size of the transportation tool, which can make full use of the space of the transportation tool and save transportation costs, especially the size of the container and the box of the transportation truck.

It is necessary to consider the packaging specifications of the pallet-loaded goods: according to the packaging specifications of the pallet-loaded goods, and according to the packaging specifications of the pallet-loaded goods, select the appropriate pallet to maximize the use of the surface area of the pallet. Reasonable pallet size can reach 80% surface area utilization.

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