Selection of pallet materials

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Selection of pallet materials

Choose the pallet temperature of different materials according to the use environment: Pallets of different materials have a temperature range for their normal performance, and different use temperatures will directly affect the choice of pallet manufacturing materials. For example, the use temperature of plastic pallets should be controlled at -25°C-40°C, while the use range of wooden pallets is wider, and good wood is not affected by temperature. Moisture: Some material pallets, such as wooden pallets and paper pallets, are highly hygroscopic. Avoid using them in humid environments as much as possible, otherwise their service life will be directly affected. Use environment cleanliness: Consider the pollution degree of the use environment to the pallet. In a highly polluted environment, you must choose pallets that are resistant to pollution and easy to clean, such as plastic pallets, steel pallets, and composite pallets. The cargo carried has special requirements for the material of the pallet: sometimes the cargo carried by the pallet is corrosive, or the cargo carried requires the pallet to have a higher degree of cleanliness. At this time, choose a plastic pallet with strong corrosion resistance or a treated wooden pallet.

Choose pallets of different materials according to the specific purpose of the pallet:

Whether the goods carried by the pallet are used for export: Many countries use fumigation and insecticide treatment for the packaging materials used for imported goods. Therefore, the pallets used for export should be selected as far as possible by artificial synthesis or deep processing such as heating and pressure. Use wooden materials, such as plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and other materials wooden pallets or simple plastic pallets, metal pallets, paper pallets. Whether the pallet is used on the shelf: The pallet used for the shelf stacking should be a pallet with strong rigidity, not easy to deform, and large dynamic load, such as steel pallets, wooden pallets and plastic pallets with metal embedded tubes.

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