See how the logistics turnover box leverages fruit and vegetable distribution

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What are the main difficulties in the transportation and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables? Failure, damage, preservation? In order to shorten the transportation time, some companies not only use road transportation, but also use special planes or high-speed rails to achieve "extreme speed." The fast and effective connection in the middle has become a restrictive factor. The use of logistics turnover boxes that meet the requirements of standardization. It can be used with standard pallets, and can be used with forklifts to achieve efficient handling, meet the requirements of multimodal transportation, and adjust the turnover efficiency. The pre-cooling, sorting, packaging, warehousing, transportation and distribution of agricultural products can all adopt the logistics turnover box, which helps to realize the direct delivery operation mode of agricultural products from the branch to the tip of the tongue. In the process, the box is not turned over, and the basket is not turned. Reduce the wear rate, the logistics turnover box can also withstand low temperatures, and can be used in cold storage, refrigerated trucks and other cold chain equipment, which is conducive to ensuring the freshness of products.



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