Proper use of plastic pallet storage shelves

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When using plastic trays in combination with storage shelves, the following points should be noted:

The plastic tray with steel tube can assist the tray to use on the shelf and improve the load bearing of the shelf.However, the use of the steel tube tray on the shelf can only improve the bearing capacity of the tray. Due to the long-term use of the tray, the load point span of the tray is large, and a certain degree of bending will occur.The plastic tray with steel tube added is difficult to recover after the steel structure is bent, resulting in the shelf use of the tray for a long time, which is difficult to recover.

When the tray is used in the high shelf, it should be paid attention to prevent the falling from the height.The tray is used in the through-through rack, and the bottom of the tray should be safely shelved in the pallet position of the rack.Ensure the bottom of the tray is in a safe position in the rack tray.

Choose the right shelf tray, sichuan word structure of Shanghai plastic tray is the most suitable to cooperate with the use of storage shelves.The bottom of the three beam structure, whether in the cross-beam type shelf or the large span through type shelf, sichuan word structure of the plastic tray shows the strength of the shelf load.

Choose a reasonable rack tray.Generally, according to the use of the tray can be divided into flat turnover use, stacking use, shelf use.And shelf use in the three use cases, is the highest demand for the tray.Because in the shelf use, the load point of the tray is only the support of the shelf beam to the tray, the load point is relatively small.If the long - term overload use, will make the plastic tray facial curvature, not easy to recover.


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