Precautions for plastic pallet transportation

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Precautions for plastic pallet transportation

After customers purchase plastic pallets, they usually use land transportation. How are plastic pallets transported by land? The choice of transportation vehicles: Generally, the length of domestic trucks is 6.8 meters, 13.5 meters, 16.5 meters, and 17.5 meters. In terms of types, it can be divided into small trucks, high-lane trucks, and high chassis. In terms of the number of plastic pallets, high-bed trucks are the most suitable for transportation. Loading process: The loading process is generally carried out by a mechanical forklift. During the loading process, try to maintain a uniform speed forward and backward and up and down. The position of the misalignment jack avoids sudden braking and sudden rotation that cause damage to the plastic pallet. Sealing process: The driver who transports the plastic pallet for the first time does not know how to seal the vehicle. According to the general cargo sealing method, the plastic pallet is often damaged. It is generally recommended to use a splint to fix the pallet




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