Plastic tray manufacturers tell you how to clean plastic tray

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Plastic tray manufacturers tell you how to clean plastic tray

Plastic tray is the enterprise finished products used for turnover, delivery must be packed, but at present, the tray in the use process, become more and more dirty, become a link to affect the workshop, warehouse cleanliness.Tray cleaning is a necessity.

Through our investigation found that plastic tray for the surface of the grid, the surface will have a lot of grid holes, so cleaning up may be more difficult, the best way is to use a soft brush scrub, with some cleaning agent and warm water, cleaning up more convenient.

Plastic tray cleaning is also a certain rule, there are certain methods.The wrong cleaning, not only can not reach the purpose of cleaning, but also may cause harm to the plastic tray, the best way is to drag the plastic tray to the empty space, and then with a clear pipe aimed at the plastic tray, the first rinse only need to use water properly re can.Because the ordinary plastic tray if it is simply used to store the goods, there will not be difficult to clean the stain, but more is a long time of dust accumulation, rinse with water can be cleaned.

The cleaning of plastic tray is also a part of daily maintenance, so when working must be meticulous in place, to ensure the cleaning effect.In addition, if you don't want to worry too much about cleaning, please choose a flat tray as far as possible, so as to effectively solve the problem of cleaning difficult.


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