Plastic pallet selection of raw material performance

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Plastic pallet selection of raw material performance

PE performance: There are three types of high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure polyethylene. High-pressure polyethylene has a flexible texture; low-pressure polyethylene has a hard texture and good cold resistance, and remains soft at -70°C. High chemical stability, resistant to acids, alkalis and organic fluxes. It has outstanding electrical performance and good radiation resistance. Use flame spraying method or electrostatic spraying method to coat the metal surface, can achieve the purpose of reducing friction and anti-corrosion. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is not high, and the thermal deformation temperature is very low, so it cannot withstand higher loads. Uses: Corrosion resistant lining of chemical equipment and storage tanks, chemical corrosion resistant pipelines, valves, bushings, roller frames, to replace copper and stainless steel. Insulation layer of high-frequency underwater cables or general cables. Transistor radio magnetic rod antenna holder.

 PP properties: The main feature of polypropylene is its low density, its mechanical properties are better than low-pressure polyethylene, and it has outstanding rigidity and better heat resistance. Can be used above 100°C. It basically does not absorb water and has good chemical stability. It is almost all stable except for concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid. High-frequency electrical performance is excellent, and it is not affected by temperature, and it is easy to form. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is not high enough, the forming shrinkage rate is large, the low temperature is brittle, and the thermal deformation temperature is also low. Uses: It can be used to make various mechanical parts, such as flanges, gears, joints, pump impellers, and auto parts. Chemical pipeline and container equipment. It can also be used as lining, surface coating, tape, medical instrument and surgical instrument, etc.




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