Plastic pallet four molding methods

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There are four molding methods of plastic pallet, among which the fourth method has the least investment in manufacturing equipment and mold and the lowest cost.Taizhou wuhe plastic industry co., LTD. Is specialized in the production and manufacture of plastic pallets, plastic beer boxes, plastic trash cans and turnover boxes, and foreign processing of all kinds of engineering plastic accessories and auto accessories, plastic pallets are essential for the transportation and storage of goods, many industries have a great demand for plastic pallets.Small tips, in the purchase of plastic pallet, to pay attention to its molding method:

I. vacuum blister forming method

The plastic pallets produced by this method can be one - sided or two - sided.Single-sided blister tray is mainly used for packaging and transportation of small motors and wire trays.The double-sided blister tray is assembled and divided into two forms: the upper half is the extruded plastic sheet with fixed length and width, and the lower half is the large vacuum blister product.The upper and lower half of the plate are large vacuum products.

Two, extrusion - hollow blow molding method

Extrusion plastic tray - hollow blow molding and blow molding hollow products in general there is common, but because of its product is bigger, and it is double type, need larger extrusion machine, molding machine and mold, etc., but the mold, the equipment investment than injection molding is small, the cost is relatively low, but its products not dense, flatness is poorer, uniform wall thickness control is more difficult.

Three, injection molding method

With the advantages of flat, clean, crisp, compact, can be divided into two-sided type of integral and assembled plastic tray two.The form of integral type tray is complex, the cost is high, but the product quality is better.Many manufacturers use the assembled pallet, the two-sided integral pallet divided into two parts, respectively injection molding and assembly.This product needs 2 sets of mold, in the mold structure, greatly simplified, mold total investment is cheaper than the whole, this production method may become the mainstream of plastic pallet production.

Iv. Extrusion molding (assembled)

Using the extruder, machine head and other equipment, respectively extrude the upper and lower panel used as the slat and the i-shaped panel with the compound wing used as the connection support, and then assembly.The appearance of wood-plastic composite material has promoted the development of extruded plastic tray.It is with natural plant fiber and waste plastic as the main raw material, make plastic pallet already has woodiness feeling, water resistance, insect control wait for an advantage, and can saw, plane, nail.


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