Notes for the summer use of plastic trays

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Plastic tray for beautiful, generous, strong, durable and loved by the enterprise, in fact, plastic tray, as a kind of safety, environmental protection packaging materials, are many industry recognition, and luxury packaging products co., LTD. Shandong force warm prompt, how to do daily maintenance, prolong the service life of plastic tray, need to know some relevant knowledge.

Everybody knows, plastic tray is plastic product, can change physical property below the circumstance of high temperature, insolation, cause oxidation, shorten its service life.Therefore, after use, the customer should be placed in a place to avoid direct exposure to the sun. Generally, damage will not be caused under normal outdoor conditions.Some enterprises after the purchase of long-term idle, also do not know how to protect, every day placed in the outdoor, long-term wind, sun, rain, resulting in the use of plastic pallet easy to break, become brittle, these are long-term exposure to the plastic pallet internal molecular structure changes.

Master the necessary maintenance knowledge, extend the service life of the plastic pallet, but also for the enterprise to save a lot of capital costs, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

1, should be light to put the plastic tray, to avoid uneven landing force, attack damage.

2. When the plastic pallet is stacked, the load bearing of the bottom pallet should be considered to avoid exceeding the load load and making the plastic pallet deformed or damaged.

3, when arranging goods, should be arranged evenly, from the middle to the surrounding arrangement, in the application process to avoid uneven force, attack sideways.

4. When using the forklift, we should consider whether the size of the forklift is suitable for the use of the plastic pallet. The depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the whole plastic pallet.

5, the plastic tray is not used, should be put in the shade, can not be put in the sun, because will make the plastic tray function change, become more crisp.

6, when the plastic pallet on the shelf, must accept the shelf pallet, and can not exceed the load of the plastic pallet.Fork thorn can not impact the side of the tray so as not to form a tray crack, crack.

7. It is strictly prohibited to throw the goods in the plastic tray from the height.Pallets carrying heavy loads should be placed on flat surfaces or surfaces.

8. During the operation of forklift truck, the fork and thorn should be placed in the middle of the plastic pallet, and the Angle can be changed only after it is lifted and stabilized.

9. It is strictly prohibited to drop the plastic tray from a high place to avoid the plastic tray from cracking or cracking due to violent impact.


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