Nine feet plastic pallet

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Nine feet plastic pallet

Nine-feet grid plastic pallet, the surface structure is grid, and the bottom is supported by nine feet piers. Because of its structure, it has good ventilation performance, light weight, and easy turnover. The nine-feet grid plastic pallet has four-way forks, which can be used with forklifts and hydraulic trucks for ground turnover, storage, storage and cargo transportation. It is suitable for stacking light weight but large size goods, and can also be used as a moisture-proof board. If you need to increase the load-bearing capacity and reduce the flexure value, you can add steel pipes. The nine-feet flat plastic pallet is a nine-feet pallet with a flat surface structure. It is easy to disinfect and clean, and it is not easy to accumulate dust. The nine-feet flat plastic pallet combined with non-slip rubber pads can ensure the stability of the goods during the turnover and transportation. Its surface has anti-skid lines, which can increase the friction with the goods, and the goods are not easy to slip off. The surface of the pallet does not damage the goods and is not easy to breed bacteria. Food and medicine, including fertilizers, and other industries that require high sanitary environments, have more demand for use. It is also suitable for use with forklifts, hydraulic vehicles and other mechanical equipment. In a sterile environment, it can also be used reasonably with automated equipment.

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