Let's take a comprehensive look at the plastic sleeve box!

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Let's take a comprehensive look at the plastic sleeve box!

The plastic sleeve box is a logistics turnover box composed of a pallet (bottom), a coaming board, and a box cover.

The material and process of making the bottom pallet, lid, and hoarding of the hoarding box are different, and the two are produced separately. The manufacturing process of pallets and covers mainly includes injection molding, blow molding, blister molding, etc. The types of hoardings for plastic sleeve pack containers include low-foaming sandwich hoardings, double-layer blister or blow molding hoardings, honeycomb hoardings, and traditional plastic hollow board hoardings. Among them, honeycomb sheets are the most widely used. Its load-bearing performance is very superior, its welding performance is good, and its length, width, and height can be customized at will, without the cost of molds. It is suitable for bulk granule packaging, liquid packaging, and super large packaging, with high material utilization and moderate price.

plastic sleeve box

The plastic sleeve pack container can be folded when not in use, which can greatly improve space utilization and reduce transportation and storage costs. It is packaged in the following two ways:

One is to use a single hoarding box as a unit, and after the hoarding is folded, it is placed between the bottom pallet and the lid, and then stacked in sequence. Once you reach your destination, a single open operation is simple. And a whole coaming box is a group, which is convenient to count.

The other is to nest and stack the coaming box, bottom bracket, and lid respectively. For example, there are ten sets of hoarding boxes in total, and the bottom is in order: the bottom pallets of the ten sets of hoarding boxes are nested, the top is the stacking of ten sets of hoardings, and the top is the nesting of ten sets of lids. This packing method saves more space than the first one.

The efficient nesting rate can compress the transportation space as much as possible and save logistics costs.

plastic sleeve pack container

So what are the specific advantages of plastic pallet sleeve boxes?

First, the return to empty ratio is large.

The collapsible plastic coaming box is the embodiment of the extremely optimized folding ratio and return-to-air ratio and has achieved "extreme" folding performance. This is undoubtedly the first choice for companies that want to optimize storage costs and transportation costs.

Second, it can be recycled.

Returnable packaging plays an important role in logistics and transportation. There are many kinds of packaging that can be replaced by reusable packaging, such as iron, wood, paper, etc. The general ability of the logistics packaging of plastic materials is unmatched by other materials. The folding life of plastic pallet coaming boxes is not less than 30000 times. If you pay attention to maintenance during use, its life will be longer.

Third, green environmental protection

The sturdy plastic pallet sleeve pack container is a unique packaging solution in the current logistics packaging that has strong adaptability and conforms to the principle of green packaging reuse. In terms of service life and hygienic conditions, recyclable plastic packaging is more in line with the needs of enterprises to reduce costs and go green.

Folding plastic pallet sleeve box

There are also some designs on the Folding plastic pallet sleeve box to make it easier and more convenient to use.

1. There is a small door on the hoarding for easy access to goods. When the small door is opened or closed, the Velcro plays the role of positioning.

2. There is a leak hole at the bottom of the pallet, and the water will automatically drain from the leak hole after cleaning the pallet.

3. There is a pull ring on the lid. To make it easier for workers to open the lid, a fabric pull tab can be added to the lid. This effectively saves labor costs, increases efficiency, and makes products more complete.

4. Information card slot. Information card slots are placed in appropriate positions on the hoarding to facilitate people to set labels. Direct labeling affects the appearance of the coaming box, the stickers are easy to lose, and it is difficult to clean in the later stage. The small design of the information card slot enables the plastic sleeve pack box to be used as a package for goods, helping enterprises to achieve centralized management.

Foldable plastic sleeve box, as a pallet box for logistics turnover. In various industries, more and more companies have begun to use it as their own logistics packaging. Based on its simplicity, lightness, and superior performance, it is believed that the application of plastic sleeve boxes will become more and more extensive.


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