How to solve the color difference of the turnover box?

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How to solve the color difference of the turnover box?

First, and finally implement a specific number of a certain color on the international color card, and record it in the form of text. Next, we will make a test color plate according to the color card number for the customer to reconfirm. We all know that the international color card is a printed matter. Before the color of the injection molded test color plate is significantly different, we will go through the color test plate confirmation link. Most color problems can be solved. So for companies that require particularly high color standards, we must also consider other factors that affect color. For example, the color of the mold and the dead corner residue of the injection molding machine affects the product's impact on the uniformity of the masterbatch and the masterbatch; colored products The color masterbatch and toner are generally used in the industry for color matching. The color masterbatch is brighter and not easy to fade. The turnover box uses masterbatch color. At the same time, the production process has a certain influence on the color, local overheating of the injection molding machine and uneven temperature will also affect the color.

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