How to save money in plastic pallet procurement

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How to save money in plastic pallet procurement

Use standardized pallets: From the automation industry to half of the product processing industries, large companies are implementing pallet standardization to save investment. The standardized pallets are purchased the same, the maintenance price is low, easy to recycle, and the shipping cost is saved.

Comprehensive calculation of storage and transportation costs and turnover costs: only the use of plastic pallets with good quality and high reusability can really save costs. In fact, there is very little difference in price between low-quality plastic pallets that can only be used for 2-3 cycles and high-quality plastic pallets that can be used for 10-20 cycles. When calculating the one-way turnover cost of plastic pallets, you will find that multi-purpose plastic pallets can save a lot of capital costs. In order to calculate the cost of each turnover of the plastic pallet, the purchase price of the pallet is divided by the number of turnovers, which is the number of turnovers of the plastic pallet before the first repair of the plastic pallet.


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