How to meet the demand of nine-feet plastic pallets in the logistics warehousing of the tobacco industry?

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How to meet the demand of nine-feet plastic pallets in the logistics warehousing of the tobacco industry?

Nine-feet plastic pallets, as a modern auxiliary tool for logistics turnover, cooperate with mechanical forklifts, stackers, shelves and other handling machinery, warehousing equipment to store and turnover goods, improve logistics turnover efficiency, replace traditional manual turnover operations, and reduce Logistics costs are widely used in various industries such as food, beverages, chemicals, machinery, electronics, salt industry, intermodal transportation, and ports. Among them, plastic pallets have been widely used in tobacco logistics and distribution, reflecting the high-performance and efficient turnover operation mode of plastic pallets. Generally, nine-feet plastic pallets are used in conjunction with automated three-dimensional warehouse storage and turnover in tobacco logistics and distribution. From a practical point of view, automated three-dimensional warehouses play more than just storage functions, and are more suitable for tobacco commercial logistics storage. Demand, to meet the requirements of rapid response, improvement of accuracy and reduction of error rate due to modern business. In use, the information of the plastic pallet is bound to the information of the goods. The forklift picks up the pallet and sends it to the entrance of the high shelf. Then, the barcode reader on the conveyor transmits the read information to the WMS, and the cargo type detection device Fully inspect the length, width, height and weight of the pallet to eliminate abnormalities and over-standard conditions. If there is no abnormality, the stacker will automatically complete the storage. The outbound process is also fully automated. WMS issues instructions to the three-dimensional warehouse, and the stacker automatically takes out the shipped items and puts them on the conveyor line waiting for forklifts to pick them up. In addition to being accurate, the automation of inbound and outbound also ensures the safety of inventory operations and reduces cargo damage.

It can be seen that the nine-feet plastic pallet plays a key role in tobacco logistics and distribution. The use of pallets has improved the original logistics turnover model and realized a highly efficient and highly mechanized distribution model. It reduces logistics costs, while improving the safety and accuracy of logistics turnover, and ensuring the safety of cargo turnover. Reduce the damage to the goods during the logistics turnover process. A new step has been taken to realize modern logistics operations.


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