How to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets

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How to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets

With the development and progress of the logistics industry, logistics products are becoming increasingly diversified, and the wide variety of logistics products often prevents consumers from making accurate decisions. So, how to solve this problem in depth and achieve your ideal use?

Aging resistance. It depends on whether the imported improver is used in the product manual, and whether the anti-ultraviolet absorber is added to the raw material (generally known after use).

Fire resistance. The materials used are required to have excellent fire insulation performance, not spontaneously combust, and do not support combustion.

 Insulation. The thermal conductivity of plastics should be low, and the thermal insulation effect should be 12.50 times better than that of aluminum. It still has good airtightness in cold areas with tens of degrees below zero.

Impact resistance. Mainly examine how heavy the product can withstand. It is best that the profile can withstand 1kg at -10 degrees.

Corrosive. It must not be corroded by any acid-base magnets, and not affected by waste and hydrochloric acid.

Anti-theft. It is a well-configured metal component, and whether there is a glass bead in the interior.

Maintenance. It mainly examines whether the product is eroded and discolored, and when there is dirt, it is cleaned with any detergent, and whether it is white as before.

Air tightness. Whether each gap is equipped with rubber sealing strips that meet the specifications.

Water tightness. The water tightness must comply with the regulations of DIDN8055, the water absorption rate is less than 0.%, and the design must have rain-proof panels and drainage slots to completely isolate rainwater from the outdoors.



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