How thick is the hoarding box for auto parts packaging

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How thick is the hoarding box for auto parts packaging

Generally speaking, the specifications and dimensions of the hoarding box can be customized according to the needs of customers. Most companies will also control the thickness of the hoarding box to between 2-12mm. Customers in need, for example, have strict requirements on the load-bearing capacity of the pallet sleeve box, and the thickness of the pallet sleeve box will be appropriately increased. If it is only the distribution and transportation of some simple small parts, the thickness can be reduced accordingly to meet the needs of users. The width of the hoarding box can be made up to 2.2 meters, and some minor adjustments can also be made according to the special requirements of customers, but the length is not rigidly stipulated, it is almost an infinite value, and everything depends on the specific needs of users.

The hoarding box is flexible in all aspects of application and convenient to use. It can basically meet the packaging needs of all automotive precision parts circulating in the market today. It has many advantages such as impact resistance, crash resistance, shock resistance, and compression resistance.

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