How does the plastic sleeves box store the goods?

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How does the plastic sleeves box store the goods?

With the popularity of recycling packaging, many industries have begun to use the Returnable pallet sleeve box for the storage and distribution of goods. Slowly, the demand for plastic sleeves box keeps rising. As the use of enterprises has achieved good economic benefits, the use of Plastic Sleeve Pack Container to store goods has become an indispensable work for every manufacturer. Everyone knows that plastic turnover boxes are good things for storing goods, so after purchasing, how do use them correctly in the warehouse?

1. Increase the stacking height of Foldable Sleeve Coaming Bulk Storage. Plastic hoarding boxes and plastic pallet boxes can be stacked and can be stacked very high. According to the calculation of stacking six layers, the stack can be up to six meters. This is mainly to save storage space. After all, in terms of storage, an inch of space is worth an inch of gold. It can also prevent the goods from collapsing, and if conditions permit, relevant equipment can be installed for placement.

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2. Safety first. When we use Recyclable Corrugated Sleeves Foldable Plastic bins in warehouses, we need to set up safe passages, safe passages, and the main road must be kept clear. We try to put our goods on the side of the aisle to avoid blockages. A lot of people don't understand why it can't be stopped deep in the vault. Since the turnover box is used for turnover, it will not be stored for a long time. It is placed in the accessories of the channel, which is conducive to transportation at any time.

3. After using the Plastic Collapsible Storage Coaming Box as the outer packaging of the goods, we can store them in zones according to the model of the turnover box. In the same batch, the same type of goods will definitely choose the same plastic turnover box.

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4. In order to prevent the deformation caused by the long-term backlog of goods, the goods placement area should be replaced regularly. While pallet boxes, hoarding boxes can be stacked. But long-term storage needs to replace the bottom box, otherwise, the box will be easily deformed.

5. Keep dry. Although plastic packaging products are waterproof, the goods are not waterproof. A heavy-duty plastic box with a lid and pallet is not guaranteed to be fully enclosed and waterproof. In long-term storage, keep the warehouse dry. Additionally, chemicals need to be stored in separate areas to avoid reactions with other stored materials. Finally, fire and theft are common sense.


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