How can plastic pallets avoid scratches?

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These scratches will not only affect the overall aesthetics of the product, but also cause a lot of inconvenience during use. You should try to avoid this situation during use. What can be done to avoid scratches on plastic pallets during use? In fact, the method is relatively simple, as long as you avoid some sharp objects in contact with it during use; when cleaning the pallet, try to use a softer cloth. As a manufacturer of plastic pallets, you must pay attention to the spacing between the positions during transportation. As a consumer, you need to do a detailed inspection before buying to confirm that the purchased product is free of quality defects. Plastic pallets are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. When the pallet is in use, it will inevitably be stained. What are the matters needing attention when cleaning? Many stains cannot be cleaned with only water. Choose a suitable cleaning agent, such as alkaline water or baking soda. After cleaning, you can use disinfectant to disinfect the blow-molded pallet, but you must pay attention to the frequency and dosage. When using blow-molded pallets, you need to pay attention to the water temperature, and you cannot use boiling water directly.




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