Green packaging, environmental protection, ecological sustainable development

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"ecological", "sustainable" and "circular economy" have become concepts frequently used in the society, and packaging design is also an important research topic centering on these terms towards "green design".With the excessive use of packaging, improper packaging materials and packaging destruction and many other problems, packaging has seriously affected the human living environment, and led to the social atmosphere of ostentatious waste.Although the "3R1D" principle advocated by green packaging, which does not cause environmental damage and is non-toxic and harmless to human body, brings more restrictions to designers, these requirements and restrictions also provide designers with a new way of thinking during the implementation of green packaging.In order to solve the environmental problems in packaging, it has become the focus of designers' thinking to explore the interestingness, simplicity and diversity in packaging design, and to adopt a variety of design methods and new design patterns.

And the invention of the coaming box packaging I think is a very clever idea, on the one hand, to solve the precision parts are subject to damage in transit problems, on the other hand can solve the problem of box of beautiful, coaming box can not only improve space utilization, but also can add a beautiful sex to a certain extent, make stronger packaging integrity, rather than looked a mess, with the development of packaging industry, a variety of beautiful and meet the different needs of customers coaming box to search on the Internet can be seen.


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