Do plastic pallets have any advantages in industries such as flour?

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Do plastic pallets have any advantages in industries such as flour?

Because the plastic pallet has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, non-burning, light weight, beautiful appearance, no static electricity, no nails, no thorns, not easy to rot, not easy to be bacteria multiplied, easy to clean and disinfect, and high recovery rate. It has been widely used in food, chemical, tobacco and other industries. At present, the flour industry mainly uses plastic pallets with forklift turnover, which greatly reduces the turnover cost of manual operations and improves work efficiency. Plastic pallets commonly used for flour, in order to facilitate stacking storage, generally use double-sided plastic pallets. According to the size of the flour bag, the size of 1300mm*1100mm or 1400mm*1200mm is often chosen. This size allows the flour to be placed more neatly and improves the utilization of the pallet surface. Plastic pallet manufacturers usually choose the "five-flower pile" stacking method, which can hold 5 bags of flour per layer, up to 8 layers. With the use of mechanical forklifts, double-sided plastic pallets can be used for double stacking, saving area and improving storage utilization.

The basic process is as follows: unloading pallets of the packaging machine (manually or mechanically coded release)_forklift to warehouse for shipment (forklift to truck), the whole process basically does not require manual operation, and can fully realize the mechanization of loading, unloading and transportation. Plastic pallets have a flat surface, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, clean and sanitary; traditional wooden pallets are not resistant to damp environments and unsanitary for food use; the price of steel pallets is slightly higher than that of plastic pallets, which are usually hollow, which is not very friendly to flour products. Especially in wet weather in rainy days, it is very important to prevent moisture from flour products. The main advantage of this kind of pallet is that it is safe, hygienic and food-grade materials have no effect on flour, and it is favored by the flour industry.


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