Considering the use environment, how to choose blow-molded pallets?

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Considering the use environment, how to choose blow-molded pallets?

Temperature conditions: different directly affect the choice of pallet materials. Most blow-molded pallets on the market are made of high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene, and the temperature range is -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. Like the food industry, many have requirements for temperature, and at the same time, they are very strict with the raw materials of the pallet. Be sure to understand clearly when choosing. Moisture-proof and corrosion-proof: For enterprise warehouse storage, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof is very necessary. Some pallets are not only not moisture-proof, but also prone to mildew. For rainy seasons or humid areas, the use of non-moisture-proof pallets can easily affect the life of the pallets. 


Most chemical companies have high requirements for anti-corrosion, such as chemical fertilizers, fertilizers and other industries, and pallets will inevitably come into contact with the goods in the turnover, stacking, storage, and transportation of goods. Blow-molded pallets have good acid and alkali resistance, so I don't worry about these operations. Easy to clean and anti-pollution: For the harsh environment, the operation site is more rechecked. It is a challenge for the pallet's impact resistance and dirt resistance. Long-term high pollution is a serious blow to the life of many pallets. It is necessary to choose blow-molded pallets that are not easily contaminated, and the pallets also need to be easy to clean for repeated use.


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